DAS Turnkey Solutions

DAS Turnkey Solutions
DAS Turnkey Solutions

Excelwave offers turnkey solutions for small to medium scale DAS systems such as for retailer stores, service centers, underground parking, small business units, golf courses, campus and resorts where RF DAS is the economic solution.

  • Design and manufacturing of custom DAS interface. Excelwave Technologies provides customized DAS interface solutions to allow specific various networks share the same DAS system.
  • Design and manufacturing of custom BDAs. Excelwave Technologies provides customized single or multiband BDAs to boost only the desired networks' signals within one unit, which could significantly simplify the DAS design and save the cost.  
  • Design and creation of custom kits. Excelwave Technologies provides kitting solutions ​following your system design and bill of materials. These kits can include custom DAS interface, custom signal boosters, donor antennas, service antennas, power splitters, terminators, coaxial cable assembles and other necessary installation accessories.  These kits can be delivered on the pre-determined JIT delivery schedule, making your project hyper efficient.

Benefits of Using Excelwave Technologies' Turnkey Solutions and JIT Delivery Service

  • Cost effective DAS solution
  • Deliver project on schedule
  • Save project budget
  • Reduce on-hand inventory
  • Save warehouse space
  • Relieve customer from logestic management 

Please contact your sales representative or email sales@excelwavetechnologies.com with your DAS project requirement.