Hybrid Combiners

Hybrid Combiners
Hybrid Combiners Hybrid Combiners

PIM Certified Hybrid Transmitter Combiners Are Now Available From Excelwave Technologies.

Hybrid transmitter combiners provide compact cost effective solution to enable multiple transmitters operating at different channel frequencies share one transmission antenna in a land mobile radio system.

Excelwave Technologies designs and manufactures various type of hybrid transmitter combiners for different frequency ranges and different number of channels. These products are optimized for minimum insertion loss, maximum channel to channel isolation and rack space efficiency. For UHF and above hybrid combiners, high isolation dual stage isolators with insertion loss 0.4dB and PIM-70dBc@2*43dBm are used along with hybrid couplers with PIM-140dBc@2*43dBm.

§  PIM Certified for -140dBc@2*43dBm (330-960MHz)

§  Certified for 100% duty cycle full power operation

§  Certified for stable performance in wide temperature range from -300C to +750C

§  0-5MHz Tx-Tx spacing for VHF and UHF, 0-10MHz Tx-Tx spacing for 746MHz and above 

§  Channel frequencies changeable within 5MHz or 10MHz range without tuning

§  2-8 channels available

§  Standard 19” EIA rack mount, 1U high for 4 channels and less, 2U high for 6 and 8 channels


Please send your request to sales@excelwavetechnologies.com with following information:

  • Number of channels
  • Channel frequencies
  • Chanel to channel isolation
  • Power per channel
Freguency Range:
Power Rating:
Tx-Tx spacing:
Tx-Tx Isolation:
Channel numbers:
Part No. Description Freguency Range Power Rating Tx-Tx spacing Tx-Tx Isolation Channel numbers