Excelwave Technologies' V2X transport antennas and other RF products are designed for the global effort toward a safer and smarter seamlessly connected new generation transportation system

Passive train control (PTC) was proposed in 2008 in the United States as an attempt to provide increased safety, in which a wireless system to transmit the information is one of the key components to succeed. The development and implementation of the PTC is in progress since then although the completion has been delayed due to unexpected technique challenges especially the complexity of spectrum circumstance. 

GSM-R is used on over 70,000 km of railway lines to provide voice and data communication between train and railway station control centers. It is built on GSM technology and benefits from the economies of scale of its GSM technology heritage. In the last decade, public networks have been evolved from GSM (2G) to LTE(4G) for improved capability and capacity. Similarly LTE-R or other newer railway-dedicated communication technologies will replace GSM-R to upgrade the railway communication from voice-centric  to real-time multimedia-information-centric, providing enhanced passengers safety and comfort. Many countries are developing the latest generation systems (5G) and there are already many trials, however 5G will be available only after 2020. It is reasonable to expect that 5G-R  will come around the trains in 2025, since railways desire to use low-cost off-the-shelf proven technologies and add applications to meet railway safety and other standards. It is predicated that GSM-R will become obsolete by 2030 thus GSM-R, LTE-R and 5G-R will coexist for many years.

To  make the transport networks safer, more coordinated and more efficient, many countries are developing intelligent transportation systems(ITS) using the most advanced and emerging technologies (computers, sensors, control, communications and electronic devices) in traffic management. ITSs are automated and connected driving networks, in which vehicles digitally exchange information with other vehicles (V2V) and the road infrastructure (V2I).  

Excelwave Technologies' PathEdge V2X transport antennas are V2X ready, supporting vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications such as V2V, V2I, V2P, V2N. They work with all generations of networks including 2G, 3G and 4G and are 5G ready. PathEdge V2X transport antennas use versatile modular scalable architecture, adapts to different MIMO schemes and V2X spectrum plans.

Excelwave Technologies' filter products are determined to preserve clear spectrum for safer and more efficient transport systems. These products are used to keep the equipment deployed in a transport system from interference, or prevent equipment deployed for other wireless communication systems from generating noise for the transport system.

Exclewave Technologies' signal booster solutions are used to ensure cars, buses, trucks, trams and trains are seamlessly connected even when they are in a tunnel, a subway station or an area shaded by a high-rise.

The compact combining solutions for subway voice communication systems ensure the first responders are connected in urgent case.



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