Optical DAS

Optical DAS
Optical DAS

Optical DAS allows wireless signals travel long distances with minimum loss and latency to in-buildings, roads, rail tunnels and large public venues. DAS with various architecture can be found. A typical optical DAS consists of master units, optical fibers, remote units, RF coaxial cables and DAS components and antennas.

Optical Solutions for RF System Engineers

Excelwave provides stand-alone RF fiber optical relays which offers RF system engineers the maximum flexibility to configure their own system solutions for specific number of networks and link budgets, with standard RF components that are available on the market. Please contact sales@excelwavetechnologies.com for custom passive as well as active RF interface solutions.

Expandable Optical DAS

  • Expandable for large scale DAS systems
  • Flexible system configuration with star, daisy chain and hybrid network topologies 
  • Accommondate 2G, 3G and 4G multiple networks in one system
  • Support SISO, MISO and MIMO systems

Freguency Range:
Part No. Description Freguency Range Type Applications