Receiver Couplers

Receiver Couplers
Receiver Couplers Receiver Couplers Receiver Couplers

Multichannel receiver couplers provide compact cost effective solution to enable multiple receivers operating at different channel frequencies share one receiving antenna port in a land mobile radio system.

Excelwave Technologies designs and manufactures receiver couplers for different frequency ranges and different number of channels. These products are provided with optional preselectors optimized for out of band rejection.

§  2-8 channels as standard and higher channel numbers are available

§  Optional built-in preselector for custom frequency range

§  Attenuator switches accessible from front panel in the range of 0-15dB for system gain adjustment

§  Status indicators on the front panel for power supply and LNA monitor

§  N female as standard and other connector type options are available for receiver and antenna ports


Please send your request to with following information:

  • Number of channels
  • Channel frequencies
  • Requirement on the preselectors and pass band frequency range
Freguency Range:
Channel numbers:
Part No. Description Freguency Range Bandwidth Type Channel numbers