Frequency Agile Repeaters

Frequency Agile Repeaters
Frequency Agile Repeaters Frequency Agile Repeaters

Frequency rebanding is supported by Excelwave's frequency agile band selective signal boosters: UL/DL frequencies and bandwidth are field programmable. 

ERSAFB1 series offers adjustable uplink and downlink center frequencies and pass bands to support frequency rebanding. Various output power options and gain adjustment allow small to large size indoor or outdoor areas have reliable radio communications for first responders.  30dB automatic gain level control allows stable output power even when input single has large dynamical range, which protects the donor site from interruption.

The built-in LCD control panel allows the repeater operation frequencies and gains be configured and optimized easily on site without additional tool. Signal strength indicator and uplink and downlink input and output power readings help find donor signal source and set up the system in the field without additional equipment. 

Order Instruction:

​Exposed LCD display and control panel for easy access are available for indoor installation only. Please identify the requirement in the order. 

Contact for multiple band options. 

UL frequency:
DL frequency:
Output power:
Part No. Description Type UL frequency DL frequency Gain Output_power Applications