30-550MHz Filters

30-550MHz Filters
30-550MHz Filters


High Selectivity High Power Compact Band Pass Filter for Land Mobile Radio Systems

Excelwave designs and produces compact high selective VHF and UHF filters for land mobile radio applications. These filters provide low insertion loss, high rejection to adjacent channels with very small guard band. 

  • Typical frequency range:130MHz-600MHz
  • Typical pass band: 1MHz-7MHz
  • Power rating: 20W-200W
  • Guard band: As low as 3MHz
  • Rejection: 65dB to 70dB
  • Tray mount or pannel mount

Most of Excelwave's filters are custom desgined for specific frequency and system requirements. Please submit your request through sales@excelwavetechnologies.com with following basic information: 

  • Pass and reject frequency ranges
  • Gaurd band
  • Power rate
  • Rejections in reject band and if required, at specific frequencies
  • Mounting method
  • Size restriction if there is
  • General application environment 
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Filter Type:
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