Mobile Duplexers

Mobile Duplexers
Mobile Duplexers Mobile Duplexers Mobile Duplexers Mobile Duplexers

All Excelwave's compact mobile duplexers are custom designed to fit into customer's specific applications. Please send your request to

  • Low profile and compact design for congested system integration
  • Durable mechanical stability provides reliable performance for fixed and mobile applications
  • Tx/Rx Frequency field tunable with preset separation
  • 80dB typical isolation with 50W CW power handling capability

Featured Product

EDM-769-800-50-1-01 is optimized for space efficiency, so that more systems can be integrated within the limited available space. Interchangeable mounting adaptor is used for the installation which allows customer to change the system layout easily. The unit has been certified for rapid temperature change, consistent full power operation and extreme off-road vibration.

  • Rack space effective solution by compact low profile design 
  • Interchangeable mounting plate adaptive to various system integration
  • Hardened for extreme temperature, RF power and vibration
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