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Excelwave designs and produces compact high selective filters for base station and mobile applications. These filters cover from 30MHz up to 6GHz WiMax frequency range. Each design is optimized for the best trade-off between size and electrical performance, and is qualified by power test, temperature test and vibration test. Each product is tuned individually and the test result is documented for quality assurance purpose.

  • Filter Types: Low pass, high pass, band pass, and band stop
  • Frequency range: 30MHz-7GHz and higher
  • Power rating: 1W-500W
  • Standard and custom designs
  • Mounting method: Tray, panel, bracket and other custom specified methods

Most of Excelwave's filters are custom desgined for specific frequency and system requirements. Please submit your request through with following basic information: 

  • Pass and reject frequency ranges
  • Gaurd band
  • Power rate
  • Rejections in reject band and if required, at specific frequencies
  • Mounting method
  • Size restriction if there is
  • General application environment 
Freguency Range:
Filter Type:
Power Rating:
Part No. Description Freguency Range Bandwidth Filter Type Power Rating