Channelized Signal Boosters

Channelized Signal Boosters
Channelized Signal Boosters Channelized Signal Boosters Channelized Signal Boosters

37dBm UHF, 700MHz and 800MHz Channelized Digital Signal Booster, Indoor/Outdoor, Triple Mode Operation

Excelwave Technologies’ digital signal boosters use FPGA and digital filter technologies to achieve high out of band rejection comparing to traditional analog IF SAW filters. These user-friendly digital signal boosters offer cost-effective and intelligent indoor and outdoor wireless coverage solution to improve the coverage in the areas where base station signals are weak or unavailable, such as airports, tourist attraction areas, golf courses, tunnels, factories, villages, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls, business buildings, parking lots etc.

ERDCHS series signal boosters are digital repeaters which support one wide band or up to eight non-contiguous narrow bands simultaneously in the UHF, 700MHz and 800MHz frequency ranges respectively. Wide band mode can be used for applications where group delay needs to be tightly controlled while narrow band modes can be used for applications where uplink and downlink frequencies need to be tightly controlled. The units are configurable via web browser based GUI or NMS server manager, which provides versatility and easy access to the users.

  • Support one wide band or up to 8 non-contiguous narrow bands (channels)
  • 3 digital filter operation modes provide great flexibility to balance signal selectivity and group time delay for optimum system performance
  • Frequency re-farming and bandwidth adjustment by software. One wide band and two narrow band operation modes can be switched between each other by software.
  • 90dB high gain and 37dBm high output power
  • Aluminum alloy casting enclosure provides IP65 protection and natural cooling system without fan
  • Light weight and compact size, flexible wall and pole mount
  • Built-in AGC and ALC function avoid complicated initial configuration during installation
  • Unique firmware supports 45dB AGC and 40dB ALC range, providing reliable communication between mobiles and base stations, and to enhance gain and coverage range
  • Temperature. output power level, gain, return loss, VSWR and other operation parameters can be configured and monitored remotely or locally
  • Built-in self-oscillation protection. Automatically reduce the gain when self-oscillation is detected. Automatically turn off the unit and send alarm if gain reduction isn’t sufficient to prevent the oscillation.
  • Support TCP/IP web management
  • RJ45 port supports TCP/IP and local computer setup and monitoring by built-in web interface
  • Built-in auto switch for external DC battery or UPS backup
  • Alarm dry contact output
  • IFC and NFPA compliant options available


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