DAS Interfaces

DAS Interfaces
DAS Interfaces

DAS Interface allows multiple radio communication services share a single DAS in airport, train stations, buildings and tunnels. Excelwave Technologies's DAS interface design offers following features:

  • Compact size
  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Custom mounting configuration available
  • Customized to pass legal carriers and reject illegal carriers
  • Up to 18 IN and 4 OUT for various custom uplink and downlink frequencies combinations are available

Sample systems that Excelwave Technologies have delivered are listed in the product category.  Each system is custom designed for your unique application requirements. Please contact sales@excelwavetechnologies.com with following information:

  • Number of in and out ports
  • Frequency range for each port
  • Port isolations
  • Power level per each port
  • Mounting requirements
Along with its advanced active device design technologies, Excelwave technoliges offers fully integrated custom DAS interface solutions. Please contact sales@excelwavetechnologies.com for full information.
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